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Oil Prices Rise as Concerns over Supply Disruptions Increase

Washington D.C. (TNA) – Oil futures rose on Monday on increasing concerns about supply disruptions in the crucial producing region of the Middle East even as investors and traders fretted over global economic growth prospects amid a standoff in the Sino-US trade talks. Brent crude futures were at $71.00 a barrel, up 38 cents, or […]

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Erdogan: Turkey Not Seeking ‘Alternatives’ to Its Relations With the West

Ankara (TM) -Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said Turkey’s decision to purchase a Russian-made S-400 missile defense system doesn’t mean that it is seeking “alternatives” to its relations with the West. Erdoğan was speaking Monday during a NATO meeting in Ankara attended by alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. The comments came amid a deepening rift with the […]

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Russia to US: Abandon ‘Irresponsible’ Plans of Regime Change

Moscow (TSN) -Venezuelan top diplomat Jorge Arreaza stressed that the suffering in Venezuela is due to Washington’s economic war against the South American country. Foreign Ministers of Russia and Venezuela, Sergey Lavrov and Jorge Arreaza, held a press conference Sunday in the Russian capital Moscow, in which both diplomats urged strengthening dialogue mechanisms that advocate a peaceful […]

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Daily Beast Source Accuses Russia of Planning Its Own Venezuela Coup

Caracas (GPA) – According to a source cited in a report by The Daily Beast, the Russians of have their own coup plot in Venezuela. According to two men, who The Daily Beast identified simply as Simon and Alejandro, there is an unspoken consensus that self-proclaimed “Venezuelan President” Juan Guaido has failed in his mission to take […]

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Activists and World Leaders Reject US-Backed Coup in Venezuela

Caracas (GPA) – Leaders throughout Latin America and the world have rejected Tuesday’s coup attempt against Nicolas Maduro. A military uprising began Tuesday morning after a speech by opposition leader Juan Guaido. With full support of the United States and its allies, Guaido illegally proclaimed himself “interim president” in January. In a tweet, Bolivian President […]

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The End of Strategic Patience in The New Round of Conflicts Between US and Russia

Op-Ed (GPA) – The US threatening to abandon the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) has given rise to different speculations about a new era of “cold war” between the US and Russia. However, reusing the word “Cold War” is definitely a strategic mistake as the two concepts are clearly different and have different consequences for peace […]

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150+ Airstrikes in Yemen Kill Women and Children, Help Ansar al-Sharia Terror Group

Sana’a (GPA) – US-backed Saudi coalition warplanes launched over 150 airstrikes in Yemen’s Dhale province since Thursday. Not only did some of the airstrikes target civilians, but they also assisted local terrorist groups on the ground. On Saturday afternoon, the US-backed Saudi coalition attacked two civilian vehicles in a mountainous area of the southern Yemen […]

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US Sanctions Killed Over 40,000 Venezuelans Since 2017

Caracas (TLS) – A new economic study reveals that Trump’s animosity towards Venezuela have created fruitless, heartless, illegal, and failed policies which are causing grave harm to most vulnerable Venezuelan social groups. The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) released Thursday a study revealing that President Donald Trump’s actions against Venezuela are mostly affecting not President Nicolas […]

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Trump’s Gulf Backups for Iranian Oil Will Not be Good Enough for Turkey

Ankara (TM) – Turkey is loath to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the United States looks to squeeze exports from Iran, currently the third-largest supplier of crude to the Middle East’s biggest economy, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. “Iranian oil isn’t cheap, but there is a big difference” between it and […]

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Iran’s Press TV the Latest Target for Google’s Political Censorship

Tehran (MPN) – Iran finds itself in the crosshairs of social-media censorship, along with a number of other countries that are, incidentally or not, in the crosshairs of the U.S. State Department. Press TV — the Iranian government-funded TV news outlet — has been “shut down” on Google’s platforms, including YouTube and Gmail. The move coincides […]

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