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Damascus (GPA) – In a press conference today, the Syrian government claims to have found western made chemical agents in abandoned rebel arms depots. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, told a press conference today that rebels in Syria and Iraq have been found to be in possession of chemicalContinue Reading

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London (TeleSUR) – The leader of the British Labour Party refuses to bow to pressure to condemn the Venezuelan government. The leader of the opposition Labour Party in Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, has said he is saddened by the violence and loss of life in Venezuela, “either of those on the streets or ofContinue Reading

London (MEE) – Authorities plan to exempt state-owned firms from some governance rules, as Saudi Arabia prepares partial sell-off of world’s largest oil firm. The UK’s financial regulator is to loosen regulations that would allow Saudi Arabia’s national oil company to list on London’s stock exchange, the first shot in aContinue Reading

London (MEE) – Government critics have accused PM Theresa May of suppressing the report due to incriminating evidence relating to Saudi Arabia. The UK government has confirmed that it will not be publishing the findings of an inquiry into the funding of “extremism” despite declaring on Wednesday that it wasContinue Reading

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London (MEMO) – The British Prime Minister has been accused of “covering up” a report exposing terrorism funding by Saudi Arabia. Prominent British MPs have accused Number Ten burying a report that was originally commissioned by the former Prime Minster David Cameron in an effort to strike a deal with the Liberal DemocratsContinue Reading

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London (SCF) – Like a crazed gambler who bet the house – and lost – Theresa May’s Conservative (Tory) government is now doubling down to risk peace in Ireland so that she might cling on to power. Having lost her party’s overall majority in the House of Parliament in last week’s humiliating BritishContinue Reading

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London (GPA) – Theresa May’s snap election gamble failed miserably yesterday, stripping the Conservative Party of their parliamentary majority, forcing the Tories to declare a minority government with the Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). The mood at 10 Downing Street today is most likely one of disappointment, shock and embarrassmentContinue Reading

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London (GPA) – Speaking to reporters in Westminster today, head of the U.K. Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn called for real changes to British policy in fighting terrorism. With only days to go before a snap election called by the Conservative Party under Theresa May, a major question now looming overContinue Reading

Homs (AMN) – U.S. and British forces entered southern Syria on Sunday afternoon while traveling through the Tanf Border-Crossing in the Homs Governorate, the SMART News Agency reported tonight. Based on the report released by the SMART News Agency, approximately 150 U.S. and British military personnel entered Syria, alongside the FreeContinue Reading