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Huawei is Being Targeted Because of the “Tech Arms Race,” Not the “Trade War”

Beijing (OR) – The US finally filed charges against Huawei and its detained CFO Meng Wanzhou. The accusations basically boil down to supposedly evading anti-Iranian sanctions and stealing technology from American competitors, zeroing in on some specific cases in order to advance the larger infowar narrative that this Chinese company is unofficially functioning as a strategic arm […]

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Facebook Quits the Split: Tampered With Small Media Traffic

San Francisco (teleSUR) – Facebook says it won’t split its feeds in two after protests over an additional “explore” feed convince the company to stay with its single “news” reel. Facebook says it won’t split itself in two after protests over an additional “explore” feed convince the company to stay with its single “news.” Last October the California-based social […]

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Who and What Will AI Serve? US and China Give Very Different Answers

Beijing (MPN) – Artificial Intelligence is a frighteningly powerful new tool — and weapon. Who and what will it serve? In the U.S., tech giants Facebook, Google, and Amazon and their corporate agendas; in China, the needs of the public and the economy. These two models should be thought through now. Speaking to a group of students in […]

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