Ankara (TM) – US President Donald Trump has become more understanding about why Turkey purchased a Russian missile defense system and he is not expected to impose sanctions on Ankara over the issue, Reuters reported, citing a senior Turkish official’s comments on Wednesday. “My expectation is it [sanctions] will not be implemented,”Continue Reading

Ankara (TM) – Turkey’s top military brass and Defense Minister Hulusi Akar held a security meeting on Thursday and discussed a potential military operation in northeastern Syria, immediately after three days of talks with a US delegation over setting up a safe zone along the Turkish-Syrian border. The Anadolu news agencyContinue Reading

Ankara (MEMO) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that the Russian S-400 missile defense system, parts of which have been delivered to Turkey over the past four days, would be fully deployed in April 2020, reports Reuters. Turkey’s purchase of the Russian system has raised tensions with its NATO allies,Continue Reading

turkey russia arms sale us sanctions turkey s-400 deal

Ankara (TM) – The first shipment of a Russian S-400 air defense system has arrived in Turkey, according to a statement from the Turkish Defense Ministry on Friday, in a development that is likely to prompt action from the US. The ministry said in its statement that “the first group of equipment”Continue Reading

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Ankara (TM) -Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said Turkey’s decision to purchase a Russian-made S-400 missile defense system doesn’t mean that it is seeking “alternatives” to its relations with the West. Erdoğan was speaking Monday during a NATO meeting in Ankara attended by alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. The comments came amidContinue Reading

f-35s to be sold to turkey

Ankara (TM) – The United States could soon freeze preparations for delivering F-35 fighter jets to Turkey in what would be the strongest signal yet by Washington that Ankara cannot have both the advanced aircraft and Russia’s S-400 air defense system. Reuters reported in an exclusive on Thursday, citing officials. The United StatesContinue Reading

turkey russia arms sale us sanctions turkey s-400 deal

Ankara (TM) – Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has said Turkey’s plans to buy a Russian-made S-400 missile defense system is not a matter of preference but a must, the Diken news website reported. Speaking on the Anadolu news agency’s “Editor’s Desk” program on Friday, Akar said: “There is an ongoing process forContinue Reading

turkey russia arms sale us sanctions turkey s-400 deal

Ankara (TNA) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed US threats to cancel the sale of high-tech F-35 jets to Turkey, saying his country will move ahead with the purchase of Russian S-400 air-defense missiles. In an interview with Kanal 24 television late Wednesday, Erdogan also said Turkey could considerContinue Reading