Hezbollah, Amal Oppose Lebanon’s Team in Demarcation Talks with Israel

Beirut (TNA) – Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Amal movements expressed their opposition to the makeup of the delegation tasked with negotiating the country’s southern border demarcation with occupied Palestine, calling for changes to the team ahead of the first round of talks. The four-member team, headed by Deputy Chief of StaffContinue Reading

Hiding the Impact of US Sanctions on Lebanon

Beirut (FAIR) – That Lebanon is enduring a major financial crisis is clear; that US sanctions regimes have contributed to the problem was obscured in the coverage. However, America’s economic strangulation of Iran and Syria is harming Lebanon, as are similar policies directed against the Lebanese group Hezbollah. The disastrousContinue Reading

Hamas rally Daesh Hamas boogaloo

Gaza (MEE) – Gaza-based group accused Washington of fabricating links and said it stands in ‘solidarity’ with people of color. Hamas has denied any connection with the far-right US movement the “Boogaloo Bois”, accusing Washington of fabricating links to “discredit” the Palestinian movement. US federal agents arrested two men associated with the Boogaloo Bois last week, forContinue Reading

Israel-UAE Deal A ‘Huge Stab’ in Back of Palestinians: US Expert

Tehran (TNA) – Tasnim News Agency recently interviewed Geopolitics Alert editor Randi Nord about the UAE-Israel normalization plan following her latest analysis on the topic. “My first thought is that the deal is a huge stab in the back to Palestinians. Palestinians both at home and living abroad in exileContinue Reading

israeli army zionism

Moscow (GPA) – Zionism is as active as ever in their campaigns abroad as they are at home according to Palestinian analyst, writer, and Director of Palestine Today TV’s Gaza office Amer Khalil. Geopolitics Alert contributor Damir Nazarov recently spoke with Palestinian political analyst Amer Khalil concerning Israel’s most recent activityContinue Reading

Saudi Arabia and Israel in secret talks for control of al-aqsa

Riyadh (MEMO) – Israel and Saudi Arabia have reportedly engaged in secret meetings since last December, regarding including Saudi representatives in the Islamic Waqf Council at the Al-Aqsa Compound in Jerusalem. The Islamic Waqf Council is a Jordanian-appointed body, which oversees Muslim sites in Jerusalem and claims exclusive authority overContinue Reading