Ankara (NEO) – Erdogan’s Idlib war has morphed into a new one with the EU, which he can’t win. Is there a method to his madness? I ask because as soon as things calm down in one place, he picks a fight somewhere else. While he advanced into Idlib withContinue Reading

Ankara (GPA) – Let’s face it, Erdogan’s war in Syria isn’t going so hot, but that hasn’t stopped his neo-Ottoman ambitions in countries like Libya. Libya, that war-torn country NATO so graciously liberated in 2011, has been a hotbed of low-intensity violence ever since the campaign to oust General Muammar al-Qaddafi. UnfortunatelyContinue Reading

Tripoly (MEE) – A decommissioned Irish naval patrol ship has become the property of Libyan militia leader Khalifa Haftar, the Irish Times reported, raising renewed concerns about violations of an arms embargo on Libya. The LÉ Aisling, now named Al Karama, was decommissioned and stripped of its weaponry, as well as defensiveContinue Reading

Washington D.C. (AHT) – The US will be celebrating Veterans Day tomorrow, and many a striped flag shall be waved. The social currency of esteem will be used to elevate those who have served in the US military, thereby ensuring future generations of recruits to be thrown into the gearsContinue Reading