United States (IM) – In a Friday morning surprise, Insight Media founder Ali Salaam woke up to find that several posts on his personal Facebook page had been removed due to being “spam or violating Facebook’s community standards.” Salaam then came to find that on the Insight Media Facebook page itself, a huge percentage of posts, photos, and videos had also been deleted. On top of that, Insight Media’s URL (Insight-Media.co) has been completely blocked on Facebook. Any link from the Insight Media website can no longer be posted to Facebook.
Image: Insight Media
Image: Insight Media
Image: Insight Media

It’s no secret that Facebook is an organ of the Zionist entity. Zuckerberg has met with Netanyahu, hired a former “Israeli” high-level government staffer, and of course works closely with the ADL’s Silicon Valley branch of the thought police.

Insight Media is a source of cultural resistance, using art, music, clothing, and culture to cause social change. In the West, this is one of the most effective tools for a paradigm shift on the macro-level. When B’nai Brith went after Madd Cold, an American Muslim hip-hop artist that is now part of the Insight Media family, B’nai Brith spokesperson Slimy Steven Slimovitch went on Canadian national television to slander Jonathan Azaziah. In doing so, Slimy Slimovitch admitted that the main reason they went after Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold was because his music is a powerful tool to influence the masses, especially the youth.

In short: they do not want any kind of music that uplifts the consciousness level of the masses to get out there. They only want the most dumbed-down, materialistic, anti-God, hedonistic junk to enter into the ears of the people. That is why they blocked Insight Media’s URL. Not because Insight intellectually and morally defends Hezbollah, Ansarallah, or the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is within their free speech rights as Americans. That certainly had an impact on the decision to block the URL, but the ultimate reason for blocking the site was because Insight takes that pro-humanity, anti-tyranny, anti-parasitic worldview and puts it into action by working step by step to make such values – which are shared by Muslims and Christians and people of good conscience alike – a staple in Western popular culture.

Insight Media is home to several Muslim music artists who are vehemently anti-ISIS. While the Zionist media always tries to say that there are no Muslims who protest against ISIS, blocking Insight Media’s platform that offers full-length, free music streaming of its artists in actuality blocks the voices of those Muslim artists who penned profound lyrics against the Takfiri Goy Golem known as (Mossad)Daesh.

From songs like “Supreme Aftermath” by Blak Madeen or “Ahlul Iblis” and “Slay the Sufyani” by Madd Cold, their lyrical freezer burn delivers a serious blow to ISIS along with their “Israeli” and NATO backers that created the terrorist group in the first place. By censoring their voice from being shared on their platform, Facebook is protecting ISIS terrorists.

Insight’s range of clothing also creates a positive paradigm shift in popular culture. Organic cotton shirts adorned by high-quality artwork by Intifada Street depicting several resistance heroes who fight for all of humanity, especially the oppressed. Many of these figures were instrumental in the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. It also featured modest long sleeve shirts for women, a breath of fresh air in a fashion industry that seeks to commodify and objectify women by pushing them to be as naked as possible.

Insight’s store contains many uplifting products, from books to poster prints. It is quite perplexing that something that increases human intelligence, closeness to God, and political values that would be of benefit to all of mankind, including the West, would “violate community standards.”

The tactics used against Jonathan Azaziah one year ago by B’nai Brith, and the tactics used against Insight Media by Facebook (perhaps at the behest of the ADL), are meant to use both Azaziah and Insight as guinea pigs to test the censorship of constructive yet uncompromising anti-Zionist voices on the internet that are not subservient to the thought police of liberal Zionist groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, Mondoweiss, or Electronic “Intifada.” Rest assured, the tactics against both the aforementioned parties will soon be used against other alternative media outlets. They are just going after the easy “controversial” targets like Madd Cold and Insight Media. But soon they will even go after the most benign of anti-Zionist sentiment, including Electronic “Intifada.”

Update: Following the publication of this press release we went to post it on Facebook, only to be informed ANY article with ANY link yo Insight Media’s page cannot be posted on the platform.

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