(GPA) Washington, D.C. – US President Donald Trump is expected to sign several executive orders on immigration this week, one of which includes a ban on refugees from 7 Muslim majority countries but he seems to have missed the bigger problem.

Donald Trump is expected to temporarily halt refugee seekers from coming to the US for up to four months and to start with a 30 day ban on issuing visas to people coming from 7 Muslim countries. Reportedly the list of 7 countries will include Syria, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Libya.

Flickr: Tribes of the World, Gage Skidmore

It seems today that Trump will be focused on his feud with Mexico and signing the order to begin construction of his border wall. The order on visas and refugees is expected to be signed later in the week.

Trump has said that the ban on refugees and immigrants coming from the Middle East isn’t connected to religion. Trump and His Attorney General, Jeff Sessions said the focus was more about countries that have populations that would most likely carry out terrorist attacks.

There are expected to be legal challenges in the upcoming weeks concerning this order. Yet in his attempt to keep out jihadists Trump seems to have missed some actually dangerous Muslim majority countries.

Obviously missing from the list are several of the Wahhabi kingdoms from the Arabian peninsula. There was no mention of stopping visas for travelers and immigrants from places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

Trump talked a big game about reigning in the abusive Gulf Kingdoms on the campaign trail, even saying that Hillary Clinton should return $25 million given to her foundation by Saudi Arabia. He rightly criticized the Saudis record on exporting jihad, abuses of women and intolerance for things like opposing religions and sexual identities.

Trump did fail to bring up his multiple business dealings in the peninsula, including several new businesses registered in Saudi Arabia during the presidential campaign. Yet now that the campaign is over and Trump doesn’t need cheap political points, he seems to have returned to business as usual between the US and Saudi states.

It seems one thing the Gulf states agreed with Trump on during the campaign was his tough talk on Iran. It seems several of the biggest terror exporters are now behind Trump and hope he will be a strong ally in containing Iran, including setting them back in places like Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

So now that the election is over, it seems Trump’s big promises of a change on foreign policy are already being broken. Many of his supporters won’t care because his domestic promises are still somewhat intact but the world should care that murder as usual is seemingly going to carry on as it always has.

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