Sana’a (GPA) – Head of Sana’a’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, called for Yemeni forces to observe a 24-hour ceasefire on all fronts starting August 1st at midnight. Yemen’s Defense Ministry decided to halt all maritime retaliatory attacks in the Red Sea for two weeks to jumpstart a political solution.

Members of the Saudi-led coalition have not responded to al-Houthi’s statement which Geopolitics Alert has printed in full below.

Although members of the aggression coalition remain silent, the United Nations “panel of experts” (which has essentially become a mouthpiece for Saudi Arabia and the United States) announced it had “found evidence” of Iranian parts in Yemeni missiles and drones. The panel of experts plans to submit this evidence to the Security Council for review. The UN team did not elaborate on the evidence much beyond throwing around the term “Iranian markings” as per usual.

The panel of experts added that Iran could play a role in a future peace process in Yemen.

The timing of this announcement from the UN panel couldn’t be more suspicious. Just days ago, U.S. President Donald Trump called for a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani.

Dragging Iran through the mud at this particular point (and for the past three years) demonstrates Riyadh’s desire to save face and continue their war against Yemen’s resistance movement, Ansarullah (aka. the Houthis).

The “evidence” from the panel of experts is a perfect excuse for Saudi Arabia and the United States to disregard the Houthi request for a ceasefire without looking like the bad guys.

The United States provides the bulk of weapons and military support to the Saudi-led coalition which includes between two and three dozen countries. Airstrikes and military operations from the Saudi coalition have killed or injured nearly 38,000 people and created the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. In a country of less than 30 million, nearly 23 million face starvation and famine while nearly 9 million children lack access to clean water.

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The complete statement from Mohammed Ali al-Houthi published yesterday:

“On the 26th of March 2015, the countries of aggression started their military operations against the Republic of Yemen. This declaration of war was announced from the leading country of the aggression (The United States of America). Many countries joined this unjust coalition officially such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, U.K., Israel, Bahrain, and many other countries (Arabic and non-Arabic) which either participate directly or support the war against the sovereign nation [of Yemen], and one of the country founders of the General Assembly of the United Nations, this aggression which initiated without any legal foundation or mandates from the U.N.

Although this aggression, the use of military force, and using all kind of weapons including internationally-banned weapons against the civilians and the civilian infrastructures by the air, land, and sea, and deliberately committing thousands of violations, also imposing intentionally an aerial siege and see blockade against the Yemeni people, we as leaders, Yemeni Figures, and Yemeni civilians were working even before the military operation on solving the internal complications between the different groups. We stood in opposition to the coup against the resolutions of the Security Council. As a result of this work, we could achieve to compose a technocratic government, led by the ex-prime minister Khalid Bahah, in which we used constrictive dialogues and consensus between all different parties. We reached an agreement which was documented in Movenpick [Switzerland] negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations. This power-sharing with all sides agreement and the political transition interrupted by the military intervention and this was mentioned by the former U.N. Special Envoy to Yemen, Mr. Jamal Benomar in his last statement front of the Security Council. And yet through this aggression, we kept looking for solutions with responsibility from the beginning of this aggression and still doing that until now. We offered many compromises and peace initiatives in Switzerland and Kuwait negotiations and the other side rejected them. Although we welcomed all initiatives and ceasefires which were declared and then violated by the other side and, moreover, they used them [the ceasefires] to escalate their military operations.  

Today, after the international community reached a full conviction and the Security Council declared it that the solution in Yemen is a political solution. Out of our concern of the values of the Yemeni blood, human and our religious values, in addition to the respect of holy months and responding to all the peace initiative by some Arabic figures also the peace efforts by Mr. Martin Griffiths, The Special Envoy of the secretary-general for Yemen, we declared our peace initiative by calling upon the Yemeni officials to stop all military operations in the sea battlefronts – to be a complete ceasefire in all the battlefronts. If the coalition will respond with the same action, as we hope they will do if they are really considering the peace for the Yemeni people who are suffering and still because of the blockade and the aggression, a humanitarian crisis considered to be the worst, especially now with such high level of famine and spread of epidemics.

And to start the ceasefire immediately after declaring it unless the aggression escalates their sea military operations.

And the best witness is God.”

The Yemeni Defense Ministry welcomed the peace call of a ceasefire, on the sea battlefronts, by Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, President of the Revolutionary Committees. The Defense Ministry subsequently declared a ceasefire on these fronts for 24 hours from the midnight of Wednesday the first of August 2018 which can be extended if the other side has the same response.

Translation by Abdulsalam al-Dhahebi.


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