Sana’a (AM) – A quick visit to one of the hospitals in Yemen and by the corridors of these health facilities and at their doors, the reality and the magnitude of the disaster is shocking. One of the consequences of the tragedy is the number of patients. It is increasing while medicine is absent and the health services deteriorate due to the arbitrary siege and especially closure of Sana’a International Airport.

The largest group of patients impacted by this health disaster are cancer and renal failure patients. It is not the disease alone that threatens the life of cancer and renal failure patients in Yemen but also poverty, the lack of essential medicines and the US-Saudi Aggression siege exacerbated the suffering of patients. According to recent statistics, cancer patients make more than twenty thousand patients.

In a video report by Al-Masirah TV, a patient said “we ask the World Health Organization to provide medicine and to open Sana’a International Airport for patients. We suffer from a state of economic crisis and siege suffocating us. What is the reason? What is the guilt of people? What is the guilt of patients to suffer from the siege?”

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Currently, some patients can not even get essential medicines and thus there is an aggravation in the humanitarian and economic situation for patients. Cancer specialist, Dr. Anees Al Asbahi, said that “patients suffer mainly and significantly from the siege and the absence of many medicines that were available before the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen.” Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha al-Mutawakil, confirmed that the delay in the opening of Sana’a International Airport means more death for thousands of patients, calling for the opening of the airport.

World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a very concerning picture of the health situation in Yemen since the starting of the US-Saudi Aggression in 2018. More than 18.8 citizens are in need of humanitarian aid, more than 14.8 million citizens have no access to health services, more than 274 health facilities have been damaged and destroyed and more than 462,000 children suffer from acute severe malnutrition.

In the face of a humanitarian situation described as the most catastrophic in the world, the Yemenis see the opening of the Sana’a International Airport as the only hope for millions of people trapped. “Where did the efforts of the international community reach after about two years of its closure,” patients ask. The international community’s response seems to be the worst in history in response to the most severe humanitarian situation, with that the number of victims of the US-Saudi siege and aggression is expanding by a measure of minutes.

This post originally ran on al-Masirah and was republished here with explicit permission.