Sana’a (GPA) – Despite western media claims about coalition success, Yemeni resistance forces continue repelling advances in Hodeidah. In fact, resistance forces have destroyed dozens of coalition vehicles, cut off their supply routes, and captured a French vessel.

Ansarullah (aka. “the Houthis”), Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees, and allied groups have spent the last three years preparing for this very battle. These Yemeni forces are currently fending off Saudi, Sudanese, and Emirati troops, Saudi and Emirati paid mercenaries, Black Water (Academi) mercenaries from Australia, Colombia, and other countries, Emirati-backed Southern separatists, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other troops allied with the Saudi coalition. The United States and France have both sent special forces and naval support to Yemen on Saudi Arabia’s behalf.


The United States, Canada, most of Europe, Egypt, Bahrain, and a slew of other countries provide military or diplomatic support to the Saudi coalition against Yemen.

Despite these efforts, Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees have successfully repelled many advances in the coalition’s attempts to take the important port city of Hodeidah. Saudi-friendly mainstream outlets like BBC initially reported that the coalition had captured the strategic Hodeidah airport. This appears false, however, because Yemeni resistance sources adamantly deny losing control of the airport. Meanwhile, mainstream media has walked back this claim as well.

Yemeni military media sources report Yemen’s resistance forces besieging coalition troops in al-Jah and al-Diraihimi from all sides thus cutting off their supply route. Yemeni forces have also utilized their recent domestic drone advancements to carry out air attacks. These successes took place despite nearly constant U.S.-Saudi airstrikes.

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The video below depicts some of these operations along with coalition troops fleeing from Yemeni forces.

On Sunday, Sana’a’s Naval Forces (part of Yemen’s resistance) intercepted and apprehended a French vessel called “M/Y Jehol II” near Hodeidah port. The name suggests that the vessel is a civilian yacht but a quick open-source vessel search yielding no results reveals that this is likely a fake boat. (And why would a civilian yacht war zone anyway?)

Sana’a’s authorities have not released any more information about passengers or crew aboard the seized vessel. France recently announced sending special forces as well as naval support to Yemen for a so-called “mine sweeping” operation.