2016 US Presidential Election

The FBI announced on Friday that they would be conducting a new investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails in order to determine if the presidential candidate used a private server to send or receive material listed as “classified” during her tenure as Secretary of State. According to FBI director James Comey, new emails have emerged that the bureau feels are pertinent enough to reopen the investigation.

You can read more about the investigation here.


War Crimes in Syria

Amnesty International (AI) has released a new report that studied a handful of airstrikes carried out by the US led coalition in Syria. The report painted a picture of coalition strikes similar to the the accusation that western media has been leveling at Russia and Syria in the past year. The evidence for these findings included eyewitness accounts, regional human rights organizations’ reports, media coverage and satellite images of the areas in question. Amnesty has stated that based on this sampling that coalition caused civilian deaths could easily top 1,000 since 2014.

Airstrikes destroyed a school in the city of Idlib this week. At least 40 people have died, mostly children. Washington was quick to blame Russia or the Syrian government. Not only has Moscow dismissed these allegations, but according to Igor Konashenkov (spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defense) a US aircraft was the last object seen in the area prior to the deadly bombing. “A U.S. MQ-1B Predator Drone was spotted in the area … No Russian aircraft entered the area over in Syria’s Idlib, where the alleged strike took place,” he added.

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Turkey Arrests Two Kurdish Mayors and Implements Internet Black-Out

“They have to be released immediately, our people won’t accept it and will use their democratic rights,” the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) said in a statement. HPD also suspects that Ankara is using this as an opportunity to replace the democratically-elected Kurdish mayors with Turkish nationalists. “Turkey is conquering our municipalities and arresting our co-mayors, yet tells us to be quiet, wanting us to accept this oppression. But we will not accept nor will we be quiet about this,” Kurdish MP Feleknas Uca said on Tuesday.

The internet blackout affected roughly 6 million residents in Turkey’s southeast region near Diyarbakir. About 8% of the county’s IP networks are offline. Businesses have also been affected as point-of-sale terminals require an internet connection to operate. Some citizens traveled over 100 km to find a working internet connection. Standard text and voice communication was still available.

You can read more about the black-out here.


AT&T-Time Warner Merger 

Two of the largest media and communication conglomerates in the United States are all set to team up. This not only leaves the consumer with fewer purchasing options, but could possibly change the entire media landscape as we know it.

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