Here are your world news key take-aways for the week:


From Tunisia to Somalia, the United States increased its influence and military support throughout North Eastern Africa this week. Washington is trying to draft up a plan to supply the new UN-backed government in Libya with arms. The embargo on arms and assets has been in place since 2011 and was recently extended until 2017. The US has sent supplies to Tunisia to secure its border with Libya including Jeeps and small aircraft. In Egypt, the United States delivered mine-resistant tanks “free of charge.” About 50 US special forces are currently in Somalia to train and support Ugandan, Kenyan, and Somali forces against al-Shabaab. In Yemen, the United States deployed a small number of troops to aid the Yemeni government in the fight against al-Qaeda– peace talks are currently still underway between Saudi and Houthi forces.

Syria and Europe are also feeling the influence of the United States and its NATO allies. Israel conducted a targeted airstrike in Syria killing top Hezbollah leader, Mustafa Badreddine. Hezbollah denies this claiming Syrian rebels are responsible for Badreddine’s death. Italy is deploying special forces to Iraq to provide security for workers repairing the Mosul dam.  The United States has activated a missile defense system in Romania to defend itself and Europe against “rogue states.” The UK has intercepted 2 Russian bomber jets for reportedly heading “towards” UK airspace in the North Sea.

Heading farther east, Chinese jets buzz American warship in the disputed South China Sea.





US Delivers Hundreds of Mine-Resistant Military Vehicles Free of Charge to Egypt





Italy sends 500 troops to protect Mosul Dam



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