Al-Quds (GPA) – Israeli airstrikes targeted multiple locations in Khan Younis and eastern Gaza overnight Saturday.

The Saturday night attacks ensued when rockets were fired into Southern Israel, with no injuries or deaths. No entity claimed responsibility for the rocket fire.

One rocket, fired from Gaza, landed in an open field in the Sdot Negev area.

According to sources, the warplanes also hit an area near the Martyrs Cemetery just east of Gaza City.

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While the Israeli attacks caused extensive damage to the sites, which included military training locations and a lookout post, no one was injured or killed in the nighttime exchange of fire.

The Zionist entity responded to last week’s rocket attacks by cutting civil servant salaries flowing into Gaza from Qatar, funds which Tel Aviv would hope would quell resistance from the besieged territory.

The funds transfer of $15 million froze what was to be the third transfer payment to the Gaza strip since Netanyahu begrudgingly accepted the terms of the November ceasefire that would allow the transfers to be made.

While Netanyahu had then denied that the funds were going to Hamas, Zionist officials and media joined the Palestinian authority in blasting the Prime Minister for allegedly supplying funds to Hamas.

Hamas also released a televised statement Saturday claiming to have evidence of weapons and tools used in a botched November 11 IDF infiltration scheme, using fake humanitarian worker identification and charity vehicles to attempt to sneak into the territory.

The statement included footage of the infiltration attempt and also identified equipment disguised as hand machines and saws which were actually undercover spy tools intended to surveil the group’s internal network.

The group now offers A $1 million reward for anyone with information on the IOF spies.  

A 14-year old died Monday from injuries after being shot in the head during Friday’s Great Return March by an IOF sniper, opening fire on Palestinian demonstrators at the Gazan border during the 42nd week of protests.

The Israeli army also killed Amal Mustafa Ahmad Taramisi, 43, and injured at least 25 other Palestinian protesters that day.

Featured photo: Pixabay | hosny_salah