Pyongyang (GPA) – History is repeating itself as Kim Jong Un pointed out in his New Years address calling out Donald Trump for continuing his pressure campaign on the DPRK.

In his New Years address earlier today, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) President Kim Jong Un both reviewed all of the massive positive changes taking place on the Korean Peninsula and also warned the world outside not to fall back into their usual patterns. The primary target of this latter message is, of course, US President Donald Trump who, after meeting with Kim in June said the nuclear threat from the DPRK was contained.

This message delivered by Trump earlier in the year may not have meant much to the US leader but when Washington issues a statement that tensions are down with a heavily sanctioned country like the DPRK, the people of that country hear an opportunity to open back up to the outside world.

According to Kim, this was all part of a “promise made in front of the whole world” that Trump has failed to keep. Instead, Kim pointed out, that even after the historic Singapore summit in June, Washington “insists on sanctions and pressures” following in the footsteps of past US regimes that have made agreements with Pyongyang in the past.

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Despite being the only US President to actually meet a member of the Kim family and personally agree to improve relations, much like his predecessors, Donald Trump has made similar decisions to continue punishing the DPRK. Predictably, Kim responded to this the way the DPRK has always responded to Washington’s broken promises, warning Trump that if continued illegally sanctioning Pyongyang, the Worker’s Party of Korea “may be left with no choice but to consider a new way to safeguard our sovereignty and interests.”

Although this statement should be taken seriously, there was also good news and hopeful aspirations from Kim for the New Year. Primarily, Kim has promised to continue building the DPRK’s Juche project and making the independent socialist future his people want but also, to continue working with his Korean brothers and sisters in the south on re-unifying the peninsula.

Despite what the US media deemed “threats” in Kim’s address, the majority of it was positive with Kim himself promising to “set up a permanent and durable peace mechanism in the Korean peninsula and completely denuclearize it in keeping with the demand of the new century.” He also went on to say that the “DPRK has no intention to persistently entertain the unpleasant past history of the two countries” and the WPK is committed to moving “on towards the establishment of a new relationship, as desired by the peoples of the two counties and demanded by the developing era.”

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From Kim’s own words it is evident that the DPRK is seeking to make peace, not only on the Korean peninsula but also in the wider world based on his commitment to denuclearization. This means that the future of wider peace firmly rests on the shoulders of Donald Trump. The only thing Trump has to do to avoid this is refuse to follow the same policy his dreaded “deep state” foes have laid out in the past.