Pyongyang (GPA) – On Sunday, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) announced an expected meeting between the two countries’ leaders Kim and Assad.
kim and assad kim jong un DPRK Syria
Marshal Kim Jong Un
Image: KCNA

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) announced on Sunday that the DPRK’s ambassador to Syria, Mun Jong Nam, visited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The purpose of the ambassador’s visit has been announced by Pyongyang, which stated that Mun met Assad to deliver credentials for the Syrian President to travel to Pyongyang.

While KCNA has yet to provide any details on when the meeting will take place, they did include a quote from Assad, who said:

I am going to visit the DPRK and meet Kim Jong Un. The world welcomes the remarkable events in the Korean peninsula brought about recently by the outstanding political caliber and wise leadership of Kim Jong Un. I am sure that he will achieve the final victory and realize the reunification of Korea without fail. The Syrian government will as ever fully support all policies and measures of the DPRK leadership and invariably strengthen and develop the friendly ties with the DPRK.

This visit by Assad will be the first visit by a state leader to Pyongyang since Kim became the country’s leader in 2011. While Assad and Kim previously haven’t met, the history of the DPRK-Syria relations goes back to the era of Bashar’s father Hafez al-Assad and Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il Sung.

Both leaders shared a bond over their fight against illegal occupations of their nations, founding the modern countries that exist to this day. As the DPRK had previously fought the Americans on the Peninsula, the Syrian un Hafez had fought to expel the French colonial power from Syria.

Both nations (as well as other anti-imperialist states such as Venezeula, Iran, Palestine, etc.) all share a common fight and solidarity with each other centered in their common origins and existences. All of these states share an origin based on shedding a colonial oppressor state and spending the rest of their time after that on the front lines of the fight for self-determination and defeating western hegemony.

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This solidarity between these two nations has been seen recently with a statement issued by the Syrian Foreign Ministry, wishing both Koreas to reach good results in the latest talks about peace on the Peninsula. Kim also feels the same about the struggle in Syria and other fights in the region, such as the liberation of Palestine.

Both leaders seek peace in their respective regions as well as hope for peace worldwide once the western powers are stopped. Unlike the western powers, nations like the DPRK and Syria will continue to work together towards aiding the global struggle for true justice to acheive this goal.