Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen has been living under Saudi airstrikes for over 800 days. For the past week or so, dozens of airstrikes have rained down on various provinces each day. Just days ago, Saudi Arabia ordered over 50 airstrikes in less than 24 hours. Dozens more have struck various Yemeni provinces in just the last 24 hours. Many clearly targeted homes.

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Around two dozen bombs rained down on the province of Marib over the past day or so. Many targeted homes. Which resulted in the deaths of at least 9 civilians; although the number is rumored to be closer to 20.

Many airstrikes also targeted homes in the province of Taiz. At least 8 were killed and two wounded.

The Saudi-coalition also hit Sa’ada with several airstrikes; hitting at least one home. Killing at least two adult civilians as well as a child and injuring seven others.

Despite the Saudi air power, Yemeni Joint Forces were able to thwart advances in Taiz. Yemeni forces were also able to carry out a successful large-scale military offensive in the southern province of Shabwa today. Thus expanding their military presence deeper into Saudi-controlled Yemeni territory.

Airstrike on a home in Marib today.

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Saudi airstrikes have only increased as their mercenaries continuously lose on the ground. But Yemeni forces have made it clear they won’t take Saudi-US aggression without a fight. In the past week, Yemen’s resistance forces have hit two warships belonging to the Saudi-led coalition. Just weeks ago, Yemeni forces shot down a Saudi F16 fighter jet.

Every time Yemeni Joint Forces attack a major military target, Saudi Arabia immediately responds by bombing civilian homes and other vital civilian infrastructure. Thus demonstrating not only their inability to lose with grace, but their desire to wipe all functioning aspects of Yemeni society out in the process.

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