Moscow (GPA) After Turkey received approval from Washington for a new intervention in Syria, the Americans almost immediately prepared their exit. In social networks, we saw the removal of military equipment and personnel, how the Pro-Turkish militants warmly said goodbye to the American occupiers, and as well as the imperialists for the last time.

However, at the last moment, the States slowed down the withdrawal of their forces. According to Washington, the reason is oil. But could there be other factors at play such as a desire to counter Iran? Or possibly a combination of the two? So far the best official answer we have gotten has come from an “official from the international coalition,” the US will control Syrian oil so that it does not go to “Assad, Iran or ISIS”.

The creation of new bases and the presence of local puppets in the form of the “Deir Ezzor Military Council,” which does not hide its anti-Assad and anti-Iranian views. At the end of September, it was possible to observe how a number of small towns have been paid to stage “anti-Iranian demonstrations.” Given the presence of the United States and the known influence of the Saudis and Zionism, it is not difficult to guess who is behind such “rallies”.

Describing the hostility of the American imperialists and their puppets to Iran, I raise the question, is oil or Iran the reason for the continued occupation of Syria by the Americans? In fact, the reason is obvious – Iran. Oil is not an important category in world politics. Like any other raw material. Regarding Syrian oil, it is enough to cite a couple of interesting facts. For example, the fact that the SDF sells oil to Turkey is not a secret. The data of Russian intelligence confirmed this fact in 2018. Right now, we’re just seeing a continuing trend

Naturally, the sale of oil from areas controlled by the SDF was carried out under the control of the States.

There is nothing to be surprised at, because in fact the so-called war between Turkey and the PKK, it’s just an attempt to assimilate Ankara’s new lands of Syria. What about the Kurds in the SDF? Turkish propaganda is trying to inspire us with a fairy tale about the presence of only one PKK, but in fact, the true power in the SDF belongs to the pro-American liberals. (the reference indicates that the States are trying to sideline Ocalan loyalists, and bring to the forefront ” their people”) Also from the words of the commanders of the SDF can learn “Until America came here, to Kobani in 2015, we had good relations with Turkey“.(by the way in interview commander SDF describes difference between YPG and PKK, and explains, that “Rojava” this not only PKK) And incidentally not worth forget about relatively recent cooperation between the Turks and YPG in Syria.

So we see Turkey as a NATO member on the one hand and liberals from the SDF on the other. Both are puppets of Washington. It is naive to think that these parties are antagonists. 

For Turkey, the PKK is just an excuse for a new intervention in Syria. Forced assimilation and annexation of the occupied lands to Turkey. This also includes preserving the potential of the Turkish-controlled insurgency and preparing a new generation of Syrians for future wars with Damascus and Tehran. Liberals from the SDF are an additional option for the Americans, they are needed to pressure the official Damascus(read Iran) in the sphere of the political structure of the regime. The traditional theme of the Americans is about “democracy, equality and freedoms”, plus the Kurds insist on a “special role of Rojava”, that is, something like a “state within a state”. You can see in this the famous plan of Zionism which was told by Ynon Oded. 

Big Satan will continue to attempt to gain a foothold in Syria for one reason, the creation of an anti-Iranian bridgehead. As for the activities of regional puppets of Satan, they have their own task – to throw dust in the eyes of the world community and compete with each other in the manifestation of loyalty to Washington.

Moderate FSA elements and the SDF

On the topic of desirable cooperation between liberals from the SDF and Pro-Turkish militants(read Turkey), say the terrorists themselves. 

Apparently, the day is not far off when we will see something like this. Only the final defeat of the terrorists can disrupt the diabolical plans in the region, or at least delay their implementation for a certain period.

This post was written and sent to us by a Geopolitics Alert Contributor and may not necessarily reflect this site’s editorial line.

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