Pyongyang (TFC– Contrary to popular belief and stain-stream media headlines, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has shown little concern over Donald Trump’s recent attacks in the Middle East, and the growing western war rhetoric. North Koreans tend to be stoic about these things, the risk of war has been, and is, just a fact of life for them.

Every day, in the West there seems to be more and more talk about the possibility of war on the Korean peninsula. Meanwhile, the people of North Korea are “pretty chill,” according to LA Times reporter Jonathan Kaiman on assignment in Pyongyang, who told me on Twitter that “despite all this talk of an imminent military showdown, people are very, very calm”.

Recently I’ve seen the alternative media promote the sensationalized headline that “Kim Jong-un orders 600,000 out of Pyongyang”, claiming that the North Korea was preparing for some “big event’. New age McCarthyism and bad journalism are responsible for this. It wasn’t hard to find Americans on the ground in Pyongyang and to track down the source of the exaggerations. More than 200 foreign journalists were in Pyongyang as the country marked the 105th birthday of its founding president Kim Il Sung on April 15. A tweet from Channel News Asia’s Beijing Correspondent Jeremy Koh said: “We’ve been told to be ready to move out at 6:20 am, but no idea why. Also, no cell phones allowed.”

“Foreign journalists in N. Korea were told to be ready for big event” most of the articles sensationalized and fantasized about the nature of this event, however, the facts were not at all nefarious.

North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests, with three of them coming in the last few years. So when officials informed foreign journalists to be prepared for something big this week, there was wide speculation that some type of military demonstration was on its way.

There was no test, nor was there a missile launch. This time the big event was the inauguration of a residential complex. Its successful completion was, as North Korean officials said, “scarier” than nuclear bombs.

The Ryomyong Street residential complex in the capital Pyongyang was unveiled on Thursday in a ceremony to mark North Korea’s biggest national day, the annual celebration of Kim Il Sung’s birthday, and the “Day of the Sun”.

The country’s Premier, Pak Pong-yu, said the successful completion of the new residential complex is “scarier than the explosion of hundreds of nuclear bombs above the enemies’ heads.”

Image Credit: Flickr CC – Clay Gilliland

“The construction of Ryomyong Street is a significant great event, which shows the single-hearted unity of our party and the people, as well as the development potential of socialist Korea,” he said.

The Korean people value the independence of the country and nation, and under the pressure of imperialists and dominationsts, have thoroughly implemented the principle of independence, self-reliance and self-defense, defending the country’s sovereignty and dignity firmly.

The “Deportation/ Evacuation” story was originally created by Korea JoongAng Daily a online tabloid and the western alternative and sensationalist media spread it around. The story cites a confidential informant who claimed that “Population control was the pretext of the order.. that the purpose is to ‘purify’ the North Korean capital and allow only the loyal elite class to live there.”

Among those who were chosen by authorities to move are people whose relatives defected to South Korea, had been jailed in a prison camp, used drugs or counterfeit money, and produced, distributed or sold pirated films from the South.

Those who were caught selling other illegally imported goods in a jangmadang, or in the North Korean black market, were excluded because such cases have become so prevalent that it is no longer considered a serious crime.

So while America is spending billions of dollars on war, and the western media is propagating perpetual war, the DPRK has been spending most of the country’s resources in modernizing districts in the capital.

In 2012, shortly after he rose to power, the young Kim Jung constructed Changjon Street, a high-rise apartment complex. The following year, he completed Eunha Scientist Street, a residential complex for scientists and technologists who contributed to the country’s nuclear and missile development program. And the latest Ryomyong Street, home to a 70-story apartment tower, was announced to great festivity on Saturday right on time for the 105th birthday anniversary of late founder Kim Il Sung, the current leader’s grandfather.

This post was written by Danny Quest for The Fifth Column News.