Riyadh (MEMO-The CIA has warned a Palestinian activist who is living under asylum in Norway that there are potential threats against him from Saudi Arabia, the Guardian reported today.

Iyad El-Baghdadi, a pro-democracy activist and critic of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, was alerted to the threat on 25 April when Norwegian authorities moved him to a secure location.

He had been told that information had been sent to Norway from a foreign intelligence agency, which the Guardian today confirmed was the American intelligence agency the CIA.

“They assured me that they are taking it very seriously. They came prepared,” El-Baghdadi told the paper.

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He said authorities arrived at his home in two squads, one to take him away and the other to ensure they were not being followed.

The writer, who is of Palestinian descent, was granted asylum in Norway in 2015 after he was arrested and expelled from the UAE without any formal charges or trial being carried out.

Regarding the threat to his life, El-Baghdadi said: “If they don’t want to kill me than I am not doing my job.”

No comment was received from the CIA of the Saudi embassy in Washington regarding the case.

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