Sana’a (GPA) – After a weekend of fierce clashes in Yemen’s capital city, Ansarullah forces have killed Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Despite waging several wars against Ansarullah (aka Houthi) forces, Ali Abdullah Saleh entered an alliance with the growing movement when Saudi Arabia began their war against Yemen in 2015 after forces loyal to Ansarullah seized control of the capital. The then-current president, Saudi puppet Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, fled to Aden and currently resides in Riyadh due to lack of public support.

Last week Saleh and his party, the General Peoples Congress (GPC), turned their backs on Ansarullah allies. Infighting began between Ansarullah and GPC troops with Saudi Arabia proving air support for GPC-backed forces. Saleh spoke on air Sunday afternoon expressing a willingness to negotiate with Saudi Arabia and their coalition.

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By late Sunday night, Ansarullah forces had either captured or killed all GPC traitors. Fighters raided Saleh’s hideouts, his family’s homes, and the office of GPC media outlet Yemen Today.

Today, Ansarullah’s Ministry of Interior announced they have killed Ali Abdullah Saleh and secured control of Sana’a. They also thanked the citizens and local tribes for their support fighting treason.

Now that the aggressor’s plan has backfired, it appears that the Saudi and UAE-backed government in Yemen’s south is preparing for an intense offensive to take Sana’a from Ansarullah forces. The Aden-based government just announced they will offer amnesty to anyone willing to betray Yemen’s revolution in support of the Saudi-led coalition.


Inside the Yemen Today media office
Inside Saleh’s hidehout