Homs (AMN) – U.S. and British forces entered southern Syria on Sunday afternoon while traveling through the Tanf Border-Crossing in the Homs Governorate, the SMART News Agency reported tonight.

Based on the report released by the SMART News Agency, approximately 150 U.S. and British military personnel entered Syria, alongside the Free Syrian Army’s “Jaysh Mughawyr Al-Thurah”; they were filmed traveling towards the Hamimah area.

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The Hamimah area is located 90km east of Palmyra near the Deir Ezzor countryside; its proximity to the key town Albukamal makes it an important military endeavor for the U.S. and British troops.

With their recent push to the Hamimah area, the U.S. and British forces could ultimately cutoff the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from the Deir Ezzor Governorate, which may spark potential clashes between the opposing parties.

This post by Leith Fadel originally ran on Al Masdar News and was republished here with permission.


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