Brazilian Court Orders Release of Ex-President Lula da Silva

Brazilian Court Orders Release of Ex-President Lula

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Brasilia (TSN– The order demands the suspension of the provisional sentence and grants Lula his freedom immediately.
Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

In a decision released on Sunday federal judge Rogerio Favreto of the appeal Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region based in Porto Alegre, decided to grant freedom to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who has been imprisoned since April 7 in Curitiba over alleged charges of corruption that investigators failed to provide evidence for.

The order determines the suspension of the provisional sentence and grants Lula freedom immediately.

“The release order must be urgently complied with today by the presentation of this order to any police authority at the prison center of the federal police office in Curitiba, where the accused is being held,” says the release order.

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Lula was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his alleged involvement in the Lava Jato Operation, accused of massive corruption and money laundering, charges he and his supporters flatly deny.

He was granted immediate freedom after the lawmakers Wadih Damous, Paulo Pimenta and Paulo Teixeira submitted a “Habeas Corpus” request to Favreto.

“At the current stage, the illegal and unconstitutional provisional execution of the sentence imposed on the former president Lula can’t stop his political rights neither restrict the right to acts related to his condition as a pre-candidate to president of the republic,” said Favreto, who was a member of the Workers’ Party for 19 years.

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Lula’s Workers’ Party (PT) issued a statement shortly after the decision. “Through the decision of the Favreto, the judicial system, which was so often manipulated to persecute Lula and deprive him of freedom, now recognizes that he has the right to defend himself in freedom in the higher instances, as the Constitution guarantees to everyone,” the PT said in a press release Sunday afternoon.

“And it decides, mainly, that society has the right to know, through the voice of Lula himself, his proposals to get Brazil out of this immense crisis, to resume the path of democracy, social justice and the construction of the equality.”

“#LulaLivre | trial court Sergio Moro published a sentenced revoking the release of ex-President Lula. Lawyers are accusing him ofdisobedience, since the decision comes from a superior judge than Moro.”

However, the judge Sergio Moro, who sentenced Lula in the first place, is trying to revoke the release order.

“#LulaLibre | There’s an appeal war: as usual when coming to Lula, trial court judge Sergio Moro comes urgently (on a Sunday) to revoke the decision of an appeal court judge. In documents the decision of a superior judge prevails. It’s worth everything.”

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