Beijing (TSN– This military deployment came after Beijing launched out similar maneuvers in the same area.

China’s Foreign Ministry Monday claimed that the U.S deliberately sent ships into the South China Sea to show off its military strength.

Last week, the U.S. sent the “USS Ronald Reagan” and “USS Nimitz” aircraft carriers to conduct military maneuvers.

“This was a U.S move to showcase its military strength in the area. Washington has ulterior motives behind the operation,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said during a press conference.

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This military deployment came after Beijing launched out similar maneuvers in the same area.

“By militarizing [the] South China Sea, The U.S. is creating a gap between Beijing and the rest of the Asian nations,” Zhao said.

U.S. Defense Department on Thursday expressed concern over China’s decision to hold military exercises around the Paracel Islands, a territory in dispute.

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Beijing’s military exercises at the Paracelsus Islands’ surroundings are within the sovereignty of its territory.

“The U.S. is carrying out large military activities in our region just to flex its muscles. That is the main reason affecting stability in the South China Sea,” Zhao added.

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Image: US Navy