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Author: John Titor

Trump’s Stealth Partition Of Syria – ‘Safe Zones’ And The Siege Of Raqqa

Escalation is still on the table. Raqqa (SCG) With Russia backing the Syrian army the U.S. and the rest of the Sunni Axis seem to have given up their plans for a full regime change in Syria. This does not, however, mean that the danger of an escalation has passed. Plan B among U.S. foreign policy […]

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Israeli Army Veteran Gives Explosive Tell-All: “I Was the Terrorist”

Tel Aviv (MR) In a rare, candid conversation, Abby Martin interviews a former Israeli Army combat soldier who served as an occupier in Palestine’s Hebron City. Israeli Army Vet’s Exposé – “I Was the Terrorist” Eran Efrati spent years as a sergeant and combat soldier in the Israeli military, but has since become an outspoken […]

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