Moscow (GPA) – This is the story of Geopolitics Alert contributor Damir Nazarov’s home city of Tyumen and the spread of Wahhabism to the Russian steppe. I would like to tell an interesting story. The fact is that the city in which I live has already become famous thanks to the historyContinue Reading

Moscow (GPA) – Who would have thought that the ideas of the British Shiism would reach the former residence of the Golden Horde – one of the earliest Islamic centers in Northern Eurasia. We are talking about the presence of the Shirazists in Tyumen, and we could pay no attention to it,Continue Reading

London (GPA) – In recent years, it is increasingly possible to hear about the threat of “British Shiism”. This hidden enemy is the instrument of the Kufra world to fight the Ummah and its revolutionary force. “British Shiism” was created to fight the ideas of the Islamic revolution and prevent the unificationContinue Reading

Moscow (GPA) – After Turkey received approval from Washington for a new intervention in Syria, the Americans almost immediately prepared their exit. In social networks, we saw the removal of military equipment and personnel, how the Pro-Turkish militants warmly said goodbye to the American occupiers, and as well as the imperialistsContinue Reading

Ayatollah Khamenei Iran nuclear deal

Moscow (GPA) – Despite the recent splits between the Muslim Brotherhood and their traditional Sunni allies, history shows us there is another direction Egyptians can go. This article is a compilation of quotations about relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, between Shia and Sunni scholars andContinue Reading

Damascus (GPA) – While Erdogan seeks to hold meetings with Putin and Rouhani in relation to Syria every two months, the Turkish occupants are actively pursuing a policy of assimilation of the Syrian cities captured during two interventions. This program of “Turkification” has already been underway for some time, such as onContinue Reading

Moscow (GPA) – Historian, journalist, and Chief Editor of Uprising Today, Brecht Jonkers, recently spoke with GPA contributor on the current situation in Yemen, as well as what’s happening behind the scenes in Saudi Arabia. Geopolitics Alert contributor Damir Nazarov recently interviewed Chief Editor of Uprising Today, Brecht Jonkers. In thisContinue Reading

Tehran (TT) – Speaking at the White House, Trump said the USS Boxer shot down the drone after it got within 1,000 yards, “ignoring multiple calls to stand down and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship’s crew.” Also, the Pentagon announced the Iranian drone was withinContinue Reading

Beirut (GPA) – Geopolitics Alert contributor Damir Nazarov spoke with Lebanese journalist Khalil Kawtharani of Al-Akhbar about geopolitical developments in Yemen and Syria, focusing on Saudi Arabia’s regional influence and failure in both theatres. Despite both allied under the so-called “Saudi-led coalition” against Yemeni resistance forces, Riyadh and Abu DhabiContinue Reading