(GPA) West Bank – As the water shortage in Palestinian territory continues; new reports show the Palestinian people are getting less water than ever. Israeli rationing of water is now essentially a summer tradition in Palestine but this year has been unprecedented. Currently, some territories in the West Bank areContinue Reading

(GPA) London – Four months after the historic public referendum to leave the European Union (EU) was narrowly passed, citizens of the U.K. are dealing with more fallout. The process of the U.K. beginning to leave the EU isn’t officially set to begin until March of next year. Although thisContinue Reading

(GPA) Washington – Today the pentagon announced they have sailed past a set of islands claimed by China in the latest “freedom of navigation” drill since July. The destroyer USS Decatur passed near the Paracel Islands which the Chinese government claims as Chinese territory. This is the fourth “freedom ofContinue Reading

(GPA) Israel – After condemnation by the United States earlier this month, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned settlers to be on their best behavior until after the election of the next US president. During a meeting with activists from Likud (Netanyahu’s right wing political party) that included settlersContinue Reading


(GPA) Aleppo – Once again, NATO member state Turkey has been using joint campaigns against the Islamic State (IS) to pursue their own objectives against Kurdish militias also fighting the terrorist organization. In recent weeks Kurdish militias have managed to secure a chain of villages north of Aleppo in theContinue Reading

(GPA) Afghanistan – Last week a letter to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter written by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) was released claiming that the nations funding the Afghan security forces could be paying for a force double the size of what actually exists. [Tweet “Corrupt AfghanContinue Reading

costs of the iraq war

Baghdad (GPA) – This week, researchers at Brown University published the results of a study that calculated just how much the United States’ wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had cost the country since 2001. The researchers estimate the price of US intervention and the war on terror to currently beContinue Reading