Ankara (GPA) – The aggressive foreign policy of the Trump Regime has pushed allies and enemies alike closer together, now including Turkey and Iran. The last several decades in the Middle East have shown just how important it is to take in the big picture and really appreciate just the sheer amountContinue Reading

New York (CD) – The New York Times‘s Wednesday publication of Sen. Tom Cotton’s op-ed calling for the U.S. military to respond to ongoing protests across the nation with an “overwhelming show of force” sparked outcry from the newspaper’s own staffers and a “sickout” protest Thursday. Among the staff critics was 2020 Pulitzer Prizer winner Nikole Hannah-Jones.Continue Reading

Tehran (TT) – Trump is at the helm of the $35 billion American cabinet, which has been backed by Wall Street, the lobbying of U.S. corporations in the oil, pharmaceutical, and weapons sectors, all of which support Trump despite him being the first impeached President to run for re-election. Unlike the 2016Continue Reading

Baghdad (GPA) – In a recent interview with channel Alahad TV, the leader of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Sheikh Khazali stated that people in the Sunni provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and Salah ad-Din have now expressed a wish to join the resistance operations against the occupying American troops. It is well known thatContinue Reading

Ankara (GPA) – Following a series of high-profile defections from Turkey’s Good Party (Iyi), rumors have begun to circulate that the international financier ‘philanthropist’ George Soros’s influence is what’s causing the internal turmoil. Over the past several days, the right-wing Turkish secular-nationalist Good Party (Iyi) has seen a list of high-profile defections basedContinue Reading

Ankara (GPA) – Despite continued bluster that Turkey will defend Jerusalem to the last man, based on the evidence of Israel-Tukey relations, this all-out Turkish attack to save Al Quds basically amounts to fantasy. Over the past several months (even more so since the movement of the US embassy to Jerusalem) thereContinue Reading

Ankara (GPA) – Turkish (and American) troops are currently causing complete chaos in Idlib, here is a brief explanation of how we got here and what could be next. Over the last several weeks, the news around Idlib has been getting progressively worse as Turkey and its western allies have begun soundingContinue Reading

Tehran (TT) – Following unprecedented pressure against the Iranian nation in recent decades, the West is trying to illustrate Iran as a peace-threatening abnormal country and the U.S. as a pro-peace and security government to deceive the public opinion via their propagandistic media empire. This article has listed only a few examplesContinue Reading

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Ankara (GPA) – With the pro-Turkey rebels backed into a corner in Idlib, Turkish President Recep Erdogan has threatened (another) military intervention in Idlib. The past several weeks have seen rapid advances made by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with the assistance of Russian airpower leaving the Turkish-backed rebels with few placesContinue Reading