Detroit (GPA) In this GPA interview for our Armenians Speak series, Editor James Carrey and Contributor Julia Kassem speak with journalist and author Edmond Azadian.

Mr. Azadian is a prolific writer and scholar on Near Eastern Studies and American Literature with degrees from the American University of Beirut and Northeastern University in Boston. Azadian also is an active lecturer on topical issues in Armenian history and literature, serving as Executive Director of Baikar Association from 1967 to 1972 and served on the editorial staff of Baikar daily and the Armenian Mirror-Spectator weekly in Boston. He is one of the founders of and a major contributor to Abaka weekly in Montreal and Azg daily in Yerevan. His English language commentaries have been featured in the Mirror-Spectator for the past forty years.

Edmond has eight volumes to his credit: Armenia: Life and Dream (1964), Essays on Literature and Arts (1988), Portraits and Profiles (1988), History on the Move(1994) and Observations and Commentaries (2006), two books on the poet Vahan Tekeyan, one in Armenian and one bi-lingual (2013-14), and served as Executive Editor of A Legacy of
Armenian Treasures: The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum (2013).

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In this discussion with GPA, Azadian gives an in-depth overview of the significance of the Nagorno-Karabakh region in its historical context, seamlessly bridging his analysis into a current understanding of Turkey’s motivations for instigating Azerbaijan’s aggression against Armenia, including its support of Syrian extremist groups in the region. Edmond also casts light on Russia and Turkey’s positionality in the conflict, and the implications these regional players have in the greater struggle against NATO aggression and US imperialism.

Image: The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum