Detroit (GPA) – Following the latest round of aggression by Azerbaijan against the ethnic Armenians in Artsakh, Geopolitics Alert launches a series highlighting the ways Armenian-Americans are standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in their homeland.

This exclusive project will include written and video interviews, videos from events like those in Detroit and Lansing, Michigan this past week, pre-recorded statements of solidarity from the Armenian-American community, as well as articles chronicling the fight to compel our elected leaders to take action here in the United States. Geopolitics Alert will also be partnering with other outlets to bring the project to life.

Michigan is home to around 17 thousand Armenian-Americans and Geopolitics Alert seeks to highlight as many voices as possible. From state legislators, researchers from the University of Michigan’s Center for Armenian Studies, members of local Armenian cultural societies to just average Armenian-Americans.

The idea for this series came over the past week as the team at Geopolitics Alert witnessed the growing horrors in Nagorno-Karabakh as Azerbaijan launched countless drone strikes and imported Turkish-backed terrorists from Syria move the local Armenian community to action. As an often ignored nationality but one with a long history in Michigan, the Geopolitics Alert team felt obligated to amplify Armenian voices as much as possible in this time of crisis to demonstrate the global solidarity with Artsakh.

The most recent rally Geopolitics Alert covered in the state capital, Lansing, featured several future interview subjects you’ll read here and supported a state House Resolution to condemn the crimes of Azerbaijan. This resolution was introduced by Mari Manoogian, an Armenian-American representing Southeast Michigan, and the demonstration was also attended by the mayor of East Lansing, Aaron Stephens, also an Armenian-American.

Geopolitics Alert wishes to highlight efforts like these as well as those at the grassroots level in this series. Geopolitics Alert wants the people of Armenia to know they are not alone and not forgotten and that we stand with their cause. Over the next several weeks, Geopolitics Alert will release articles and videos here but we hope our beloved readers will help spread them worldwide and help stop this intense round of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Below are images from as well as the day’s first performance by violinist Samvel Arakelyan of the Traverse Symphony Orchestra.