Mexico City (GPA) – The new President of Mexico has urged his fellow Latin American leaders to stay out of Venezuela and their internal affairs.

In a meeting of Latin American (and Canadian) delegates to the Lima Group last Friday, the representatives from the new Mexican government refused to agree to apply more pressure to Venezuela. Although Mexico refused to sign on, the rest of the group demanded that Nicolas Maduro not start his next term as Venezuelan President this year.

The delegates from Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s (AMLO) Mexico still stood tall and showed their commitment to non-intervention to the other Latin American nations. While this would seem like good news, given that pressure on Venezuela is directed by the US, it has instead caused controversy both in western media and among some more reactionary slices of the Mexican electorate.

An incident highlighting some of the dissents in other Latin American nations over Mexico’s non-interventionism occurred right after Mexico refused to sign the Lima Group agreement. Following Friday’s decision AMLO was accosted by a Colombian woman in an airport (as he was boarding his commercial flight) who asked why AMLO wouldn’t condemn Maduro to which the Mexican President responded: “I don’t get involved in other countries’ affairs.”

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This, of course, outrages Washington and their proxies in Latin America which AMLO further acknowledged on Monday saying “this is an issue that generates a lot of polemics.”

López Obrador then publicly addressed the matter on Monday and called out another common accusation made by his opponents that he was only sympathizing with Maduro because they are both leftist Presidents. AMLO denied this claim saying his decision “is not an issue of political sympathies” but rather a return to more traditional Mexican foreign policy.

It is true that AMLO is friendly with Maduro, and even invited the Venezuelan President to his inauguration but this non-interventionist position was actually a previous staple of Mexican foreign policy. AMLO has promised to return Mexico to a foreign policy that looks much more like during the 60s when Mexico refused to help apply pressure to Cuba.

Despite the connections between López Obrador and Maduro, AMLO’s position that Mexico is “going to be respectful of all the world’s governments and peoples,” which was previously shown when AMLO he was confronted with media frenzy around US President Donald Trump’s border wall but basically refused to care.

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So what’s next for Mexico and Venezuela now that AMLO refuses to denounce Maduro? As far as López Obrador is concerned there is one thing Mexico will participate in, “dialogue,” and Mexico’s goal is that “everything be done by dialogue.”

Featured photo: ProtoplasmaKid / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

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