(GPA) – After weeks of Hillary Clinton accusing Russia of interfering in US elections; Russia has offered to send election monitors to polling places to safeguard from fraud.

After several releases of tens of thousands of leaked emails, Hillary Clinton will not stop trying to put the focus on who the source of the emails is. As anyone who follows news regularly would know; her main (and seemingly only) suspect is Russia.

This isn’t something that doesn’t happen in the United States. There will be an all time high of outside election observers at polling places all over the country next month.

Included in the foreign observers slated to arrive next month are workers from Organization of American States (or OAS, which has members from several Latin American and Caribbean countries) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OCSE.)

These observers often come to watch the supposed integrity of our elections (carried out on decades old voting machines with low security) or to learn how to improve the logistics of their own elections (even though we probably aren’t the best example.)

Despite the US sending observers to Russia last month, this has never worked the opposite ways with Russian observers coming to the US. The US often sends observers to countries where the voting process is suspect but sticks to the line that US elections are incorruptible.

This is obviously a propaganda tactic by the Russian government but it is a smart one. With Donald Trump throwing out theories of the election being rigged and the US sending observers worldwide, it’s probably a smart move to criticize an electoral process a lot of people in the US lost faith in a long time ago.