Washington (GPA) – Recent US policies are not painting a bright picture for the countries future. For too long, the country has been adopting a series of uncommon international policies including wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen and encourages violent clashes in Latin America to the benefit of US financial institutions.

Some experts believe that U.S. collapse started years ago, but it seems that the policies of President Donald Trump have accelerated this downfall. In fact, the wrongheaded policies of current and previous US administrations have pressured many countries into defending themselves by starting to challenge the current world order that is determined by the US government.

Having double standards, deceiving the world about the situation of Iraq, Libya, and Syria, defending Saudi Arabia and Israel, promoting war in Yemen and taking aggressive policies just to appropriate the resources of other nations such as oil of Venezuela are just some examples of U.S. policies that are creating a new image of this country in people’s mind as the number one threat to the world peace.

Apart from all these policies, the US is also abandoning international contracts and agreements one after another; it is not hard to imagine how this would affect US image that is already ruined.

Clearly, what the US claim to be changing in Venezuela is the government (into a democratic one) is nothing but a subterfuge. For the US, a democratic government is one which unquestionably supports U.S. foreign policies, who gives its public infrastructures to private companies, doesn’t abide by its own national rules and regulations and instead follows the rules of international organizations that are majorly controlled by the US.

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Decades of war and US military interference in countries have brought nothing but violence, genocide, destruction, and displacement of people across the universe. For the US, a democratic country is the one who obeys its rules, like Saudi Arabia, and the countries who don’t fit this category are considered as undemocratic enemies. This is the policy of the US in regard to countries such as Iran, Russia, and Venezuela who want to defend their national interest by means other than giving out dollars to the US.

This US policy, past and present, have brought Russia and China close together and it might bring some European countries such as Germany to the side of Eurasia as well. A closer look will reveal that all these incidents and the negative image that the US is starting to create for itself in the world, is the ideal scenario for Washington’s long-standing opponent, Russia. So it seems that we need to have another serious look at the investigations of special prosecutor Robert Mueller about Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

This post was written by Geopolitics Alert contributor Adam Dentor and does not necessarily reflect our editorial position.


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