Randi Nord and Jim Carey launched Geopolitics Alert shortly after Russia increased support for the Syrian government in 2015 and the Obama regime was expanding U.S. military involvement across the world. We knew U.S. imperialism would start growing even more rapidly than it had for the past few decades — and under Trump, that’s exactly what’s happened.

Since we started Geopolitics Alert, major events began to unfold which required a significant independent counterweight which the mainstream media (and even many independent outlets) simply won’t provide. Such as

  • Nearly direct U.S. confrontation with Russia in Syria
  • Humanitarian catastrophe and scapegoating Iran for the carnage without evidence in Yemen
  • Rogue NATO ally: Turkey
  • Increased tensions with Iran and the DPRK
  • The Gulf Kingdoms shunning Qatar
  • U.S. Democrats pushing for war with Russia (“Russiagate”)

We’ve been there for the past two years combating the mainstream media narrative and we wouldn’t be here without our readers. Our job is more important now than ever.

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