Geopolitics Alert was founded in Pontiac, Michigan in 2015 to provide an independent counterweight to corporate-funded news websites.

Traditional news outlets work hand-in-hand with political lobbying groups, foreign governments, the US military, its allies, and weapons manufacturers to create content skewed to favor the military-industrial complex and justify its catastrophic actions.

We believe US imperialism is the driving force behind violence, terrorism, war, and exploitation both abroad and at home. The United States military-industrial complex is, without a doubt, the gravest threat to world peace and stability today.

We believe US workers have more in common with fellow Yemenis, Syrians, Palestinians, Venezuelans, etc. resisting US aggression and exploitation than we have with the US politicians and corporations who only serve the needs of the US ruling class.

When it comes to US wars, Americans only get one side of the story from traditional media sources: That of the military-industrial complex and its allies in Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. We provide US citizens with the other side of the story which Washington would rather they not hear.

Americans know very well that Washington does not have the best interests of the working class in mind at home. Inside the empire, US workers are overtaxed, undersupported, exploited, and left to fight against each other for measly wages. Sometimes, they’re even murdered in cold blood by police.

Why would Washington care about average citizens and workers in places like Syria, Iran, or Yemen?

It’s time to help American workers understand that Washington does not have the best interests of average citizens abroad in mind either. Washington does not care about average Syrians, Venezuelans, North Koreans, or Yemenis — it only cares about expanding US corporations and profits.

Geopolitics Alert is run by workers — not corporations, lobbying groups, and politicians. We accept no corporate or foreign funding. Our only financial support comes from minimal Google advert payouts and reader donations.

All site-related expenses are paid for out of our own pockets. All design and content creation are the result of hours of our own labor.

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