February 25, 2019 | GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Day: February 25, 2019

Haiti: Heavily Armed US Mercenaries Arrested Amid Protests

Port-au-Prince (TLS) – Haitian officials offer contradictory versions about what these soldiers of fortune were trying to do. On Feb. 17 Haitian authorities detained five U.S. citizens, one Serbian, one Russian and one Haitian with firearms, ammunition, satellite communication equipment, drones and other military accessories in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. This group, which was […]

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Russia and China Are Containing the US to Reshape the World Order

Moscow (SCF) – Fortunately the world today is very different from that of 2003, Washington’s decrees are less effective in determining the world order. But in spite of this new, more balanced division of power amongst several powers, Washington appears ever more aggressive towards allies and enemies alike, regardless of which US president is in […]

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