January 8, 2019 | GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Day: January 8, 2019

AMLO Stands Alone, Tells Neighbors Mexico Won’t Meddle in Venezuela

Mexico City (GPA) – The new President of Mexico has urged his fellow Latin American leaders to stay out of Venezuela and their internal affairs. In a meeting of Latin American (and Canadian) delegates to the Lima Group last Friday, the representatives from the new Mexican government refused to agree to apply more pressure to […]

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With Golan at Stake, Netanyahu, Bolton Set Trump Straight on US Syria Withdrawal Plan

Damascus (MP) – Understanding the significance of the Golan Heights is in many ways key to understanding why the Syrian conflict was engineered by foreign powers in the first place. The state of Israel seems to share at least some of the responsibility for the latest shift of U.S. Syria policy — as National Security […]

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US-Saudi Economical War as Devastating to Yemeni People as US “Smart” Bombing

Sana’a (AM) – Yemen’s humanitarian crisis is the most important story in the world but because its victims are poor and practically invisible to the rest of the world, their stories are mostly unheard and then ignored even when they are told. For that reason, we are always trying to write more reports about Yemen’s […]

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