January 26, 2017 | GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Day: January 26, 2017


Trump Revives Clinton Plan For Safe Zones in Syria

(GPA) Washington, D.C. – After months of statements in his presidential campaign that “safe zones” for refugees in Syria proposed by Hillary Clinton were likely to start World War Three, Donald Trump has apparently revived the idea. In an extended interview with ABC News this week, President Donald Trump said he “will absolutely do safe […]

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Syrian Watchgroup: US Special Ops Kills “Dozens” Of ISIS, Disappears Prisoners

Deir Az Zor, Syria (TFC)— A Syrian village was recently subjected to a rather bloody raid by US special operations. After killing dozens of ISIS fighters, operatives detained and disappeared several reputed militants. It continues a breadcrumb trail of raids, abductions, and killings coming to embody America’s dark wars. Nestled in Syria’s east, Deir Az […]

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Syrian Peace Talks End in Extension of Ceasefire

(GPA) Astana – The peace talks between Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey and leaders of various rebel groups have come to an end in Kazakhstan, and despite the negotiators saying it was a success, it seems more like business as usual. The biggest agreement to come out of the peace talks is the creation a trilateral […]

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