October 26, 2016 | GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Day: October 26, 2016

UN Unanimously Rejects Blockade as US Abstains for First Time

(teleSUR) While the U.S. abstention may be a nod to the potential lifting of the blockade, Cuba insists that it will not return to capitalism. In a historic step toward lifting the blockade on Cuba, the United States abstained Wednesday in the United Nations general assembly vote unanimously calling for the end of the Cold […]

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Gambia Leaves the ICC, the Third African Nation to Do So

(GPA) Netherlands – This week Gambia has announced they will pull their support and members in the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague. Gambian Information Minister Sheriff Bojang cited the bias in the operation of the court that decides which nations it chooses to prosecute or not. This makes Gambia the third African country […]

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Amnesty Report: US Coalition Guilty of War Crimes in Syria

(GPA) London – Amnesty International (AI) has released a new report that studied a handful of airstrikes carried out by the US led coalition in Syria. The report painted a picture of coalition strikes similar to the the accusation that western media has been leveling at Russia and Syria in the past year. Full investigations […]

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US Has Launched Nearly 350 Strikes Against IS in Libya Since August 1st

ISIS IN ACTION Last week, BM forces in Sirte made further advances into ISIS-held areas. On 21 October, Rida Issa, a spokesman for the BM forces said “the forces have completely recaptured the 600 block area in Sirte from gangs of Daesh, and now the Ghiza Bahriya area is the last pocket of resistance.” On 20 […]

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