Days after the attempted coup, Turkish authorities are still searching for vessels, their crews, and a navy commander.

14 ships remain unaccounted for; leaving Turkish authorities to question whether crew have been taken hostage, have fled to safety, or were accomplices to the coup. None of the ships have attempted to make contact with naval headquarters since the failed coup on Friday. Turkish navy commander, Admiral Veysel Kosele, is also missing and has not made contact with authorities since Friday.

Speculation would suggest that anyone still missing at this point was probably involved in the coup and isn’t likely to return unless their safety is somehow negotiated. Pointing to Erdogan’s current ruthless military “purge”: 85 have been jailed so far with many more still facing questioning. Carrying out the death penalty for those convicted would make Turkey ineligible to join the European Union. John Kerry is also closely monitoring Erdogan’s response to the coup; claiming any intolerance or threat to democracy could result in Turkey being ejected from NATO.

So where are the ships? And what will happen if Turkey loses it’s potential EU membership and current NATO membership? Obviously any country hosting the “lost” ships will be suspected of participating, supporting, or funding last week’s coup. Which could drastically change international relations and spark retaliation depending on who is involved. Prior to the coup, Erdogan appeared to be attempting to patch things up with Russia. But as of Sunday, over 450,000 Russian citizens had been evicted from Turkey.

A lot of questions are still up-in-the-air at this point. Responses over the coming weeks and months will lead to a clearer conclusion of who exactly was involved in the coup and who is simply using the coup as a tool retroactively to capitalize on their own interests. If regional alliances shift and the geopolitical landscape changes to protect military, nuclear, and corporate interests of world powers, more questions will be fitted with answers.

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