Sana’a (GPA) – Just before noon today, Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees Air Defense shot down a reconnaissance drone hovering over the capital city of Sana’a.

Manufactured by the U.S. company General Atomics, the MQ9 aka Reaper drone includes a radar system and is one of the largest unmanned and semi-autonomous aircraft. Each unit costs about $56 million after including production costs and added technology.

Yemen’s Air Defense forces shot down the drone using a surface-to-air missile. General Ibrahim al-Shami said this event is a significant step forward for Yemen’s air defense commenting on the military progress Yemeni forces have made. He also said that this event sends a strong message to the enemy and their western backers.

Yemen’s resistance forces have dramatically advanced militarily since the beginning of the war. Earlier this year, Yemen’s Ministry of Defense unveiled homemade long-range ballistic missiles called the Volcano H2 or Borkan H2. More recently they released a series of homemade high-powered sniper rifles.

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Yemeni forces aim to continue their military operations against the Saudi regime and their allies in retaliation for the ongoing aggression and devastating air strike campaign. Tens of thousands have died just from air strikes and artillery alone. Tens of thousands more have died due to the ongoing siege which restricts food and other imports. The blockade has also triggered a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak killing roughly 3,000. Experts estimate 1 million will become infected by the end of the year.

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The borderline famine and cholera epidemic is not unintentional but rather part of the aggressors’ strategy as they attempt to beat Yemen’s resistance into submission and deteriorate morale.

The war against Yemen which recently passed 900 days would not be possible without support from the United States and other western countries who provide weapons and military support to the Gulf states.