Yemeni Forces Launch Offensive on UAE Headquarters [VIDEO]

Yemeni Forces Launch Large-Scale Offensive on UAE Headquarters [VIDEO]

Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen’s Sana’a-based Air Defense Forces and Missile Forces carried out a large-scale joint offensive operation against Emirati positions today using drone technology.

Despite dense airstrikes from the Saudi-backed coalition, Yemeni forces have liberated key areas, destroyed Emirati bases and equipment, and killed dozens of invading mercenaries this week.

Yemen’s Success on the Ground

Yemen’s resistance forces — known throughout western media simply as “the Houthis” — enjoyed remarkable success today.

The joint operation between Air Defense Forces and Missile Forces took place in Marib province where they liberated key locations and targeted Emirati military sites including a headquarters using drone surveillance and missiles.

In Hajjah, Lajih, and Taiz provinces, Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees successfully gained control of territory during additional advances.

Earlier this week, Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees lured Emirati troops into an ambush before killing 12 and destroying their military vehicles. Yemen’s resistance sniper unit took out 13 Saudi troops on various fronts beyond the Saudi border including Asir, Jizan, and Najran province.

Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees expanded their defensive operations into Saudi territory throughout the course of the war in response to the devastating Saudi-led invasion, airstrike campaign, and blockade.


Yemen Responds to Ongoing Aggression

President of Sana’a’s Supreme Political Council, Saleh al-Sammad, spoke at a meeting this week with various governors and leaders. He expressed that the war against Yemen is entering a new phase as Afghanistan and Pakistan have recently sent mercenaries to fight on Saudi Arabia’s behalf.

President al-Sammad explained that Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees are willing to end the ballistic missile strikes on Saudi territory provided Riyadh end their devastating airstrike campaign. He also urged all international actors who claim to support human rights to help end the aggression against Yemen.

Yemen’s resistance, known throughout western media simply as “the Houthis,” recently reiterated their willingness to proceed with peace talks, initiate a national dialogue, and begin reconstruction efforts. While chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi submitted a six-point reconciliation proposal to the United Nations this week.


Washington’s Participation in Warcrimes

Far from a mere passive observer, the United States provides both military and intelligence support to Emirati and Saudi-backed forces. Saudi airstrikes and ground operations have killed and injured over 35,000 people in the past three years.

US forces provide intelligence support for selecting airstrike targets. Riyadh’s airstrike campaign frequently targets markets, homes, cars, media crews, farms, factories, prisons, and even ambulance crews entering bomb sites. This affirms Washington’s direct participation in gruesome war crimes and arguably genocide against the Yemeni people.


United States Navy ships enforce the siege and blockade throughout the Red Sea by prohibiting aid and cargo ships from docking in resistance-held territory such as Hodeidah port. (It’s also worth mentioning that Saudi airstrikes destroyed the port’s cranes a while back.)

Over eight million Yemenis face direct famine due to the land, air, and sea blockade which severely restricts food, aid, salaries, flow of movement, and vital medical supplies. Saudi Arabia demanded the closure of Yemen’s main airport in Sana’a and subsequently destroyed its infrastructure.

Video courtesy Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees and al-Masirah.

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