Mokha (GPA) – Yemeni forces along the coast of the Mokha have struck a warship belonging to the Saudi-led coalition. Just last week, Yemeni forces hit another warship in the same area belonging to the Saudi-led coalition, reportedly the UAE.

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Just two days ago, Saudi Arabia dropped over 50 bombs on various Yemeni provinces in less than 24 hours. Last week Saudi airstrikes targeted a market during the day. Resulting in the deaths of over 2 dozen civilians. The Saudi coalition troops have also been terrorizing citizens on the ground. Last week a young girl was found burned alive in an area of southern Yemen controlled by troops loyal to the Saudi coalition.

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As a result, Yemeni forces including Ansarullah (aka “Houthis”) and Popular Resistance forces have made a point to increase ground offensives to the best of their ability. This includes targeting Saudi vehicles, weapons, and infrastructure in Najran, Asir, and Jizan provinces.



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