Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen’s Popular Forces are declaring victory against Saudi-backed invading forces and Saudi-led aggression on various fronts in several provinces.

Despite the large amount of airstrikes on a daily basis, Yemen’s Popular Forces (which includes Ansarullah and the Republican Guard among others) have successfully carried out several offensive military operations against the Saudi-backed mercenaries. They’ve also successfully thwarted Saudi advances.

In al-Jawf province, Yemeni forces recently launched several offensives. Yesterday they successfully killed Saudi-backed commander Mohammad Saleh Massoud as well as several troops. Staying north in Marib province, Yemeni forces successfully killed more Saudi-backed forces on various fronts including some leadership. Unlike Saudi outlets, Yemeni sources always list the names (and sometimes rankings) of every mercenary or soldier killed.

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Credit: كرار المؤيد

Further south in Lahij, Yemeni forces appear to have opened a new front by targeting various groups of Saudi-mercenaries with Katyusha rockets and other artillery. In Taiz Yemeni forces successfully killed mercenaries as well as three key leaders in Mokha.

Yemeni forces including the Yemeni Sniper Unit also targeted various areas of Najran and Jizan. As Saudi Arabia increases airstrikes and their ground invasion, Yemeni troops have made it a point to establish a retaliatory insurgency and attacks across the Saudi border. And this tactic has been extremely successful: the sniper unit alone carried out nearly 300 retaliatory kills of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries inside Saudi territory in the first 6 months of 2017.

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Photos: Yemeni forces ambush Saudi-backed mercenaries with rockets in Jizan; who ended up fleeing the scene leaving behind a truck.

Photos Courtesy Yemeni Military Media