Yemeni Resistance Fighters Capture Saudi Military Base [VIDEO]

Yemeni Resistance Fighters Capture Saudi Military Base [VIDEO]

Sana’a (GPA) – Video footage released by Yemen’s Military Media show Yemeni resistance fighters storming a Saudi military base in Najran on Wednesday.

Najran lies within Saudi territory just beyond the southwestern border with Yemen. Resistance forces have expanded their operations in the region in retaliation for the ongoing Saudi airstrike campaign and aggression on the nation.

The footage shows Ansarullah fighters entering a storage area where Saudi fighters held weapons, the camera also pans over the bodies of the enemy mercenary casualties. Fighters seized weapons along with the base, sources from Yemeni outlet al-Masirah confirmed Wednesday.

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Saudi helicopters retaliated by bombardment just over the location approximate to the base, according to reports. Additional air strikes continued throughout the region and other civilian areas throughout Yemen.

“What’s coming is even greater, with God’s grace,” an Ansarullah fighter behind the camera said in response to the siege.

Fighters could also be heard on camera chanting, “death to Israel” and “death to America,” expressing triumph over the successful pushback against the imperialist alliance amongst Saudi coalition allies. “Death to America” does not refer to the American people, but the American government’s deadly imperialist policy which includes support for the Saudi-coalition and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Ansarullah forces also released footage on Tuesday of a disabled Saudi F-15 fighter jet over Sana’a which The Yemeni Air Force and Air Defense additionally confirmed in a statement released the same day.


The Hit on Saudi Market and Overwhelming Civilian Cost

The Yemeni war has claimed close to 14,000 lives due to US-backed Saudi airstrikes and military force alone which frequently targets homes, farms, factories, schools, hospitals, and other civilian areas.

The Saudi kingdom has yet to disclose accurate numbers of their casualties for fear that the news would embolden the resistance’s confidence and morale.

Saudi Arabia launched their war on Yemen in March 2015 to impose their influence as a means to continue Yemen’s decades-long corrupt political loyalty to the kingdom. To achieve this, Riyadh launched a ruthless bombardment campaign in support of the ousted government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

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The kingdom faces successive losses both economically and militarily as a result of its exhaustive efforts in subduing resistance forces in Yemen. According to numbers reported in August of last year, Riyadh has lost $250 billion cash since July 2014, as well oil export losses in the billions.

In fact, according to Business Insider, Iraq and Iran have surpassed Saudi Arabia in oil revenue as the kingdom faces market share trailing behind its OPEC rivals.

But no economy has felt the effects of the war more than Yemen. The Saudi-imposed and US-enforced blockade and siege have sent the Yemeni Rial plummeting in addition to claiming thousands of lives due to cholera, famine, and many preventable illnesses.

Google Photo depicting crashing Yemeni Rial.

Video courtesy Wrath of Yemen.

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