Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees continue to fight back against Saudi-backed mercenaries on the ground.

The video below depicts Yemeni forces operating in northern Yemen on the Nehm front launching a guided missile at a vehicle filled with Saudi-backed mercenaries.

After launching their nearly globally-supported war against Yemen in 2015, Saudi Arabia flooded the country with foreign-backed mercenaries and troops from neighboring countries. This mostly includes Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and Blackwater contracted mercenaries. U.S. troops also train and assist U.A.E. soldiers on the ground.

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More devastating, however, has been the Saudi’s ongoing airstrike campaign which targets civilian areas and has killed tens of thousands. Dozens of bombs rain down upon various Yemeni provinces on a daily basis striking farms, homes, cars, factories, and just about everything imaginable.

The war against Yemen has also created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Millions live with food insecurity and nearly seven million are at risk of famine. The ongoing siege has also triggered a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak infecting nearly 500,000 and killing nearly 3,000.

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This is not an accident, but rather by design as Saudi Arabia and their western supporters attempt to beat Yemen into submission.

However, Yemen’s resistance (which includes Ansarullah and their allies) remain determined to protect their country from invaders and violence. The Sana’a-based Ministry of Defense has successfully developed and manufactured several homegrown weapons including long-range ballistic missiles and an impressive line of high-power sniper rifles.