BREAKING: Yemeni Forces Fire Multiple Ballistic Missiles at Saudi Air Base

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Sana’a (GPA) – Various Yemeni military sources report that they have fired a ‘number’ of medium range ballistic missiles at the King Fahad airbase in Saudi Arabia.

Yemen’s Republican Guard, and various other Yemeni military sources confirmed that they have launched multiple mid range ballistic missiles called “Volcano 1” at a Saudi air base in the province of Taif. The weapons were made within Yemeni territory.

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Saudi Arabia’s state-run media claims to have intercepted the missile, but other sources indicate that a fire has broken out and ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Indicating that a missile did indeed hit its target accurately. Saudi state-run media is notorious for down-playing any casualties or military losses in Yemen due to embarrassment.

Just days ago, Yemeni forces successfully struck an oil refinery deep within Saudi Arabia with a long range ballistic missile. Yemeni forces also frequently strike Saudi-coalition Navy ships, fighter jets, and vehicles.

Yesterday, head of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee, President Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, urged Saudi Arabia to lift the devastating siege and end aggression against Yemen. Promising that if they don’t, more retaliatory attacks on valuable targets will follow.

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