Yemen President's Assassination Opens a New Chapter of Confrontation with Al Saud

Yemen President’s Assassination Opens a New Chapter of Confrontation with Al Saud

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Sana’a (AHT) – The assassination of Saleh al-Sammad, the president of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, has seemingly opened a new chapter of confrontation against the ongoing Saudi led aggression on this country. A systematic assassination which indicates an American role in the process and as per Sayyed Abdul Malik al Houthi who held Washington and Riyadh responsible for this crime, threatening that “will not pass without accountability.” Al Houthis’ statement was also supported by the National Defense Council, which waved a “deterrent response” to the assassination.

The assassins of the martyred President Saleh al-Sammad must be truly delusional if they believed that by their routs they would defeat the steadfastness of the Yemeni people and their will to confront and withstand or would weaken their faith in patience and endurance, and its ability to withstand further aggressions.

Mohammed bin Salman‘s (MBS) latest delusion is to break up the Ansarullah movement, as he revealed in an interview with The New York Times at the end of his recent visit to Washington. He said that his country “is now trying to end the war in Yemen through a political process by trying to disperse the Houthis in conjunction with a military pressure on them”. At the end of the interview, MBS asked to be given an opportunity to carry out his plan, which led some to believe that the man has a plan to exhaust “Ansarullah” from the inside by dispersing its ranks, in preparation for finishing it off. With the announcement of the martyrdom of al-Sammad, it seemed that Ibn Salman had the right opportunity and the event was an occasion for spreading rumors and escalating the war.

However, just as the former rulers of Saudi Arabia have claimed before that by waging war on Yemen they can subdue “Ansarullah” in a few weeks and force them to raise the white flag, the fantasy itself is being repeated today with no viable military effect on the ground.

In the meantime, the leadership of the Saudi led coalition against Yemen were not able to fulfill their wishes of shaking the ranks of the Sanaa authorities. On Wednesday the 25th of April, the unshakable determination to challenge and face the continuous illegal aggression against their country and people, thousands flocked the streets of Tuhama city on Hodeidah province promising to make the «coalition» pay the price of their crime. The public rally came as per the invitation of the martyred President before his assassination under the slogan «the march of guns». Thousands of residents of the province marched on foot, carrying rifles and pictures of their martyred leader, chanting slogans rejecting Saudi-American-Emirati threats to occupy Hodeidah.

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The march ended in a square known as the “Parade Ground” where the head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Ansarullah, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, made a speech in which he vowed to “respond in a way that the coalition would never anticipate.” He stressed that martyrdom would be a strong motivation to continue confronting the aggression. A scene expected to be repeated on a larger scale next Saturday, April 28, which was determined as a date of the mass funeral ceremony of Martyr Saleh al-Sammad by the organizing committee, declaring that the funeral will be both formal and popular at the same time.

Meanwhile, inside the Yemeni parliament, which was held in Sanaa, the new president of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, was sworn in after the speaker and members of the parliament announced that “they stand behind him in leading the next stage”. After al-Mashat was sworn in he declared that “We are all concerned to prove that what the enemy did was a very serious and costly mistake,” pointing out that “after this crime, the enemy has chosen it to become an open war”.

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This cohesion at the political level is equivalent to mobilization at the field level, in preparation to respond to the crime of assassination of President al-Sammad, and to safeguard the fronts from any disintegration that the coalition believes it can achieve by targeting such a leader.

On the contrary, this step has opened up new possibilities for multiple new scenarios on the quality of military action that will recognize vengeance for the martyred Yemeni leader. Ultimately, the unified and rigid stance that emerged in Sanaa following the announcement of the martyrdom of President al-Sammad only suggests that Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’s bets of dispersing the ranks of their Ansarullah opponents under the brunt of the shock of the assassination alongside interminable military pressure are only wishes that reality does not support.

This post originally ran on American Herald Tribune. Photo of President al-Sammad’s funeral procession from Ansarullah Media Center.

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