Sana’a (GPA) – Just days after striking the King Khalid International Airport with a homemade, long-range ballistic missile, Yemen’s Naval and Coastal Defense unveiled a new line of powerful naval defense missiles.

President of the Supreme Political Council and Commander of the Armed Forces, Saleh al-Sammad attended the unveiling. Sammad made this appearance just hours after Riyadh released a “most wanted” list for leaders of Yemen’s resistance. His name sits at #2, with a bounty worth $20 million.

Revealing the Naval Defense Missiles is just another slap in the face for Riyadh. When entering the war against Yemen in March of 2015, Saudis expected to wipe out Yemen’s resistance within months.

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This plan has only backfired. The Sana’a-based government’s military capabilities have drastically improved. In less than a year, Yemen’s Defense Ministry has revealed homemade long-range ballistic missiles, anti-aircraft sniper rifles, as well as other naval and special forces developments.

In the whirlwind of events yesterday, Riyadh announced the closure of the few remaining routes in-and-out of Yemen including land, sea, and air. The Saudis have already imposed a land, sea, and air blockade against Yemen. This severely restricts the flow of food, medical supplies, aid, and flow of people. The Sana’a airport is also closed at the behest of Riyadh. However, the new announcement resulted in further closing the Aden airport.

Sana’a’s Naval and Coastal Defense condemned this blatant act of aggression warning that it will result in “catastrophic consequences” for Riyadh affirming that battleships will respond.

Assistant Army spokesman, Colonel Aziz Rashid, spoke at an event marking the Balfour Declaration in Sana’a today. “We seek to create a competent missile deterrent so we can defend the sovereignty and dignity of our country and the Yemeni people,” he said. Rashid went on to say that Yemen’s Missile Force is working to achieving this goal day and night.

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Saudi airstrikes and military aggression have killed over 10,000 people, mostly women and children. The attacks typically target civilian infrastructure such as homes, factories, ports, farms, cars, and just about everything else.

This devastation would not be possible without the full support of the United States and other western allies.