Yemen Makes Major Gains Against Saudi-Backed Forces

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Mokha (GPA) – Today Yemen’s Popular Forces, Ansarullah, made major gains against Saudi backed forces in various parts of northern and western Yemen.

This morning Saudi Arabia carried out several airstrikes around Taiz and Ma’rib. At least one reportedly hit a cement factory. 10 women and children were reportedly killed in a civilian area of Taiz. At this point it looks like the Saudi air strikes are ongoing.

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Despite this, Ansarullah forces achieved several gains on Sunday against Saudi forces in areas near Jizan and Najran. Ansarullah also managed to retake key areas in the port city of Mokha which had been under Saudi control for the past few months.

Saudi Arabian bombing and eventual control of port cities like Mokha and Hudaydah will put thousands more people under siege without food, clean water, or medical supplies.

Houthi fighters ambush Saudi mercenaries in Mokha: 

Geopolitics Alert – Randi Nord


Geopolitics Alert – Randi Nord


Geopolitics Alert – Randi Nord

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