Sana’a (GPA) – Despite an intense bombing campaign from the Saudi aggression, Yemen’s Popular Forces had an impressive July hitting several high value military targets and demonstrating advanced homegrown missile capabilities. Here are Yemen’s successes for the month of July as they continue responding to Saudi Arabia’s terrorism.

The Saudi-coalition warplanes planes usually target civilians and vital infrastructure. Yemen’s Popular Forces (which includes Ansarullah and the Republican Guard among other factions) on the other hand, only attack military targets. Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. Yet they remain steadfast in their resistance against Saudi Arabia: one of the wealthiest and best-armed countries in the region.

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Many of the ground operations target Saudi weapons storage facilities and military equipment. In July, Yemen’s resistance targeted 113 total military mechanisms: 4 tanks, 7 armored vehicles, and 102 other vehicles. They also destroyed 3 weapons storage facilities.

Yemen’s Popular Forces fired a number of missiles in ground battles including 15 Yemeni-made rockets, over 150 Katyusha rockets, and 14 other missiles. On July 29th, Yemen’s navy and coastal defense forces struck a warship belonging to the United Arab Emirates.

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The Yemeni Sniper Unit carries out a special operation beyond the Saudi border in the provinces of Jizan, Najran, and Asir. All of these areas were previously a part of Yemen at one point so Yemen’s resistance has expanded their ground operation in these provinces in retaliation for the ongoing Saudi air campaign and aggression. The Yemeni Sniper Unit recorded 26 confirmed kills last month. Bringing their total for the year to nearly 330. Yemeni ground forces report the deaths of 117 Saudi mercenaries on various other fronts for July.

Credit: كرار المؤيد

But perhaps most importantly, Yemen’s resistance launched their locally-made Volcano H-2 missile for the first time in July. Its target was a Saudi oil refinery nearly 700 miles from the launch point. Thus demonstrating Yemen’s unprecedented long-range missile capabilities. Ansarullah spokesperson Mohammad Ali al-Houthi urged Saudi Arabia to lift the siege or expect further military retaliation. Al-Houthi also warned Saudi oil workers to evacuate their workplaces or stay at their own risk.

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Just days after the oil refinery attack, Yemeni forces struck again launching a number of Volcano 1 missiles at the Saudi air force base in Taif. Mainstream media sources were quick to falsely label the event as an intended attack on Mecca. But just as Geopolitics Alert reported nearly a year ago, this is the coalition’s go-to propaganda strategy.

In over 850 days of war against Yemen, the Saudi-led air raids have destroyed everything needed to sustain life. Targets include homes, schools, farms, shipyards, and much more. The numbers of civilian lives lost is astronomical. The aggression has internally displaced thousands fleeing airstrikes or chaos. A blockade cripples Yemen financially and deprives citizens of basic goods most people would consider human rights; like food, water, and medicine.

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Just last week, the Saudi coalition prohibited 4 oil tankers from entering the Hodeidah port. Yemen’s water pumps need fuel to run. So depriving Yemen of fuel is depriving Yemen of clean water. This is an absolute necessity since the Saudi aggression against Yemen has triggered a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak. Experts estimate that over 400,000 will be infected by the end of 2017. About 2,000 people have already died from the preventable disease. Not only has the Saudi-led war directly caused this outbreak, but they’re further exploiting it to beat Yemen into submission.

Despite this, Yemen’s resistance remains a united force to be reckoned with. Here’s some of the best footage from the month of July:


Credit: Yemen War Media